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Tuesday, 03 March 2009 13:41

With a suggestion that relationships between David Mackay, interim chairman of tie and Richard Walker, the local boss of Bilfinger Berger were somewhat strained, Steven Vass, writing in the Sunday Herald of 1 March, reported that a top executive from the German Head Office was coming to Edinburgh in a bid to resolve the funding row.

Chairman of Tram Project and Consortium Boss in crisis talks

David Mackay continues to re-iterate his stance of no additional monies being forthcoming, but acknowledges that the overall cost is likely to use the full budget of £545M, and that sections of the work are now six months behind schedule.

Even this admission is patently incorrect as the MUDFA works on Leith Walk should have been completed by end June 2007 and are still ongoing, a full eight months late.

The article finishes with a very telling quote, "If Tie were as good at running the project as they've been at running the PR, it would have been soaring ahead by now.".

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