Deadline looms over city tram row PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 20 March 2009 10:38

Despite reassurances last week, from senior management at tie, that the current dispute with Bilfinger Berger would be resolved in 'hours or days', there is no indication of a breakthrough. 

The parties have until 17:30 to resolve their differences or, under the terms of their contractual agreement, they must proceed to arbitration, as reported on the BBC website on 20 March:

Deadline looms over city tram row

The matter was also addressed in an article in, a construction industry news website:

Adjudicator's appointment on Edinburgh tram project stalemate

The appointment of an adjudicator will cause a delay while each side presents their arguments, and a pronouncement is made; however this decision is not binding on the parties, and one or other may elect to take the matter to court thereafter, causing yet further delay.