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Tuesday, 29 September 2009 07:51

The LBA has previously criticized tie for their failure to publish details of complaints on their website in accordance with the Code of Construction Practice (Section 2.4 refers).  tie have hit back by publishing statements on their Facebook and Twitter pages indicating that they publish this information on their website.

The information pubished on their website however falls far short of that required by law under the Code of Construction Practice, i.e.

"All complaints, comments and queries received shall be registered in a suitable Log and appropriate action in response instigated within 24 hours by the Contractor. A record of remedial action shall be logged, in the event of a complaint a follow up letter or electronic communication shall be passed to the complainant within 48 hours of the initial complaint, outlining their complaint and the remedial action being undertaken by the Contractor. All comments, questions and complaints shall be logged in writing together with any response and a record of any actions taken, including a record of the time when that action is completed."

The Contacts Log should then be placed in the Information Centre every Friday, where it will remain until the completion of all construction works.

What Information Centre you may ask - well tie operate a 'virtual' Information Centre.  Try asking for the Contacts Logs since inception of the project, as you are entitled to do, and tie will be unable to comply - because they simply don't exist!


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