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Friday, 23 May 2008 12:21

British Trams Online describes its website as, 'the most comprehensive UK Tram and Light Rail News service anywhere on the internet', and certainly endeavours to provide details of news items which might be of interest to tram enthusiasts.

An article appeared on the web-site after the April 29th public meeting discussing the claims by Leith Traders that they were incurring losses as a consequence of the Leith Walk Tram works:

Meeting with tie fails to appease Leith Walk Traders

The author of the article expresses his opinion that with the general downturn in the economy, 'there can be no proof that these businesses are being affected because of the tram construction works' and that the installation of the trams, 'will, after all, be a major boost for the city once they are in place'.

I am not trying to deny that the economic downturn will adversely affect businesses, but credence must be given to the traders to be able to identify, from their own business experience, that the tram works are a contributory factor in the (often significant) drop in revenues.

It is only to be hoped that the hoped-for appointment of a Loss Adjuster/Assessor will vindicate the claims of the Leith Walk Traders.