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Wednesday, 08 September 2010 09:11

An article in The Guardian on 7 September compares the problems and benefits of the Luas tram system in Dublin with the experience in Edinburgh.

Spotlight on trams: Dublin

The Luas started carrying passengers in 2004 and features 40 stops on a 30km route.  The cost to build the system increased from an original estimate of €250m to €750m. The full Edinburgh tram line is set to feature 22 stops on an 11.5km route.

The Luas is now a popular means of transport, but during the construction phase there was a great deal of opposition: Dublin experienced similar problems to Edinburgh with unexpected issues while attempting to move utilities from beneath the track. 

A civil engineer involved in the six-year construction of the Luas, who was interviewed for the article has suggested that unless the full length of the Edinburgh Tram line is built, the full benefits will not be appreciated, and risk becoming a white elephant.