Forgetting Leith Walk in tram project would be 'cart before the horse' PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 23 November 2010 10:55

Harald Tobermann of Leith Central Community Council continues to press for a moratorium on the Traffic Regulation Order to be discussed by  the Council's Transport committee today, in an article in the Guardian on 23 November:

Forgetting Leith Walk in tram project would be 'cart before the horse'

Writing in a guest blog, Harald is critical of the Council's decision to reject all the objections raised and is continuing to advocate a continued postponement of the TRO decision until there is greater on clarity on when trams are likely to run in Leith.  Decisions regarding the future direction of the tram project (including a possible phased implementation, which might see the line stop at St Andrew Square, or the Foot of the Walk) are expected at the Council Meeting in December.

The LBA had previously expressed concerns that if TRO1 were approved, the road-widening and restrictions might be applied, but no tram-lines installed - creating further disruption and inconvenience, for no benefit.  Clarification was sought from CEC/ tie and in their response they agreed that traffic control measures would only be instigated in conjunction with the installation of the tram lines.

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