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Friday, 06 May 2011 09:55

Despite repeated protestations that they are, 'committed to building the entire route', in a recent Facebook discussion, tie have detailed phased implementation of the tram line only as far as St Andrew Square.

Commenting on a recent Edinburgh Evening News article which suggested that the tram line would run only as far as Haymarket:

Haymarket's the end of the line as trams cash runs out

Edinburgh Trams said, "As we've said before this will need to be delivered as a phased construction. The first section will be the test track between the airport, Edinburgh Park and Gogar to enable driver training and control system testing. The next phase of the route will be open to the public and run from the airport to Haymarket following which the St Andrews Square element will be delivered.".

Transport Convenor Councillor Gordon Mackenzie appears to lend credence to the idea of a truncated line when he admitted that ending the route at Haymarket was being given "active consideration" but insisted taking the trams as far as St Andrew Square had "absolutely not" been ruled out.  Upselling an extension of the route from Haymarket to St Andrew Square provides cold comfort for businesses in Leith.

To St Andrew Square and beyond...

The comments in the Edinburgh Trams Facebook discussion set out a three-phase implementation, but only as far as St Andrew Square. The lack of any mention of phases beyond this point would appear to suggest that these are not being considered under the current project.

Businesses in Leith need a clear statement on when trams are coming to Leith, or an admission that this will not happen for the forseeable future.  Only then can we engage with the council to improve the public realm and in so doing promote Leith as the vibrant cosmopolitan business destination that it is.

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