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Monday, 09 May 2011 14:34

In a guest article on Fay Young's blog, Ray Perman takes a critical look at Leith Walk suggesting that with imagination and a little money it could become  the most elegant and cosmopolitan street in Edinburgh.

Wanted: A vision for Leith Walk

Ray expressed his dissatisfaction with the traffic management signs and rubber barriers which were erected on the completion of the MUDFA works when the LBA pressed for the removal of the MASS barriers. He points out that following a model similar to that on East Claremont Street, with shrubs and trees on a central reservation, Leith Walk could once again be an elegant, cosmopolitan thoroughfare.

The LBA is keenly aware that much remedial work needs to be done to reinstate the features lost during the tramworks - whether that be the numerous trees which were torn down, or the central reservations which were removed.  We acknowledge however that no progress on these works can be made until a decision is made regarding the likelihood of a phased implementation of the Edinburgh Tram Project reaching Leith in the forseeable future.