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Tuesday, 06 September 2011 11:05

The new Town and Broughton Community Council have stated their intention to lodge an objection to possible plans to use York Place as a track-switching corridor for Edinburgh trams as reported in The Spurtle on 6 September:

York Place Tram Plan Spurs Local Objectors

Concerns have been expressed that with the general shift of traffic to Queen Street / York Place as a result of the trams, annexing up to three lanes for track-switching would cause unneccesary congestion at York Place, and encourage motorists to use other residential streets to avoid the bottleneck. Becase of gradients on St Andrew Square, trams could not switch tracks there, but would need to turn onto York Palce after depositing passengers.

Concerns have also been expressed at the engineering difficulties which might be encountered making the turn at North St Andrew Street.